Zinwell founded in Taiwan, 1981. Zinwell has presently grown to be a provider of Digital Cable / Satellite / Terrestrial receiving equipment, Broadcast and Broadband Communication equipment, IPTV receiving equipment, Wireless equipment, etc. in Taiwan. Being a leading enterprise with those capabilities, Zinwell has discreetly laid the groundwork for long-term development. In addition to human resources, we never cease to foster technical know-how, products, and teamwork. Our potential and creativity always keep us moving with technological trends. Zinwell makes your life well.


Our employees

To provide our customers with products that are consistently equal to or better than the high standards we set for ourselves, while ensuring that our employees are constantly motivated and trained to build competitive advantage for the future.
Our technology

To become an technology hub that focuses, encourages, and reflects manufacturing diversity for the changes in this emerging market.
Our customers

To support customers challenges by delivering high quality and cost effective design and manufacturing solution. This allows our clients in stay in competitive environment while maintaining autonomy in quality, price and delivery.

   We understand trends, changes, and the new competitive environment in the global market.!
   We are financial sound to support the challenges.
   We employed top notch seasoned employees among different industry to provide wide angle view.
   We are in the world market where today's theory is often tomorrow's task, the change of our organizations
     and they way we compete, often change the way we work.

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