Corporate Social Responsibility

Zinwell embraces a culture of sharing, contributing, giving back to the community and obedience to the law. We actively participate in social and community based programs.

Zinwell abides by laws and local regulations and understands finance department, audit department and legal departments' daily operation in an effective manner in order to set a positive example in company management. Zinwell also builds good relationship with employees, shareholders, consumers, clients, suppliers and local communities in terms of collaboration and partnership to ensure smooth and efficient business operation.

Zinwell's commitment:

  • Continues to invest in creating a safe and healthy working environment, ensuring employees' health and wellness.
  • Respect for the human rights and freedom of employees and prohibits any forms of forced labor.
  • Adheres to the principle of labor-management cooperation, and respects employees' rights of association and collective bargaining.
  • Treats all employees fairly and equally. Do not allow any forms of discrimination and inhumane treatment.
  • Prohibits the use of child labor and forced labor in any form.
  • Arranges reasonable production plan so that employees can work under reasonable working hours and enjoy holidays.
  • Provides reasonable wages and benefits to employees in order to fulfill employees' needs.


Female Workers
Female Management
Minority Workers
Minority Management

As of 2021, Total Population:  1,509

Food Safety

To ensure food safety and drinking water sanitation standards are met, Zinwell has established the following food safety requirements

  • Examines water quality regularly and announces the result to employees.
  • Supervises and oversees food safety across our facilities and selects qualified suppliers for catering service. Requires suppliers to abide by food safety requirements.
  • Conducts unscheduled on-site audit of catering service to inspect that all aspects, ranging from the dining environment and sanitation standards are met.
  • Provides employees with safe and clean environment for dining.

Employee Welfare Committee

Zinwell 's Employee Welfare Committee consists of employee representatives, and through the leadership to manage and properly use welfare funds.
The Committee is funded from the corporate revenue and employees' welfare funds. Zinwell sponsors Welfare Committee in accordance to activity plans in terms of manpower and funds.

Social Activities

As a responsible corporate, Zinwell has been promoting care and respect for the disadvantaged, minority and people living in rural areas.
We actively participate in social and community-based programs, including sponsoring and hosting philanthropic activities and volunteer programs.