Digital Channel Filter


  • Capture Full VHF & UHF Channel, Convert 32 Channels
  • Integrated Pre-Amplifier and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to Capture and Compensate Incoming Signal Level Difference
  • 4 Inputs to Select The Best Signal from Each VHF/UHF Optimized Antennas and 1 FM Antenna
  • Adjustable output level up to 113 dBµV with 6 active channels
  • Intuitive Key Pad Programming with LCD Display for Output Signal Level Adjustment and Channel Conversion
  • Automatic LTE Filter Selection to Minimize 4G Signal Interference
  • Hands on Configuration with Android APP

Booster | Converter | Combiner | Amplifier | LTE Filter | Equalizer

Zinwell’s Digital Channel Filter is an all-in-one programmable terrestrial TV signal booster, filter, combiner, channel converter, equalizer, and amplifier. It is suitable for collective antenna application where terrestrial TV signals can be selected, processed, filtered, combined, equalized, and amplified at once.

With embedded LCD and key pad, it is very flexibility in the field for instant adjustment of channels and output power level to successfully distribute the signals within a multi-dwelling building.


32 Channel







Input Port
Input Port Number (VHF & UHF / FM) 4 / 1
Input Port Connectors F-Type Female
Input Frequency (VHF & UHF / FM) 174~862MHz / 88~108MHz
Selectable Filter for each VHF / UHF Input

1) VHF: 174 to 240MHz

2) UHF: 470 to 862Mhz

3) UHF: 470 to 694 (700~850 MHz Rejection) Mhz

4) UHF: 470 to 774 (780~910 MHz Rejection) Mhz

Input Power Level (VHF & UHF / FM) 108max. / 78max. dBµV
Input Return Loss 10min. dB
Channel Capture/Convert Band 32 max. (Programmable)
Channel Capture Band Bandwidth 6~9MHz
Output Port
Output Port Number 2 (1 Output Port, 1 Test Port)
Output Port Connectors F-Type Female
Output Frequency (VHF & UHF / FM) 174~862MHz / 88~108MHz
Output Power Level 113max. (Programmable) dBµV
FM Gain Level 0 or 20dB
Output Return Loss 10min. dB
Output MER 35 (with input MER ≥ 38dB) dB
Test Port Loss 30dB
AC Input Voltage 100~240V
Power consumption 10W
Programming Port and Interface Intuitive Key Pad with LCD Display
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C

Specifications are subject to change without notice

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